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Dec 20, 2011

I Will Miss Her Like Forever

Swimming really played a big role in my life since then. If you think it’s easy to let go just like snapping a finger, well NO you’re wrong, you all don’t even know how I felt when I left the team, but even though it’s like that I don’t even regret a single thing in leaving the team. Oh well too much for it, I think I must go with my story. 

Way back 2009 I always compete in swimming, and also by swimming I get to know the ups and downs of life! Yes it’s the start, that time I usually don’t win I always go 2nd or even one of the lasts:))) And also way back 2009 of my swimming career I met this girl, and we partly became close because of swimming, where both of us can relate(because we both stopped!haha!). And she always say that she’s our fangirl(but NO SHE’S NOT BECAUSE SHE’S NOT A FAN I THINK SHE’S ONE OF THE GREATEST SWIMMERS I MET!). And now here’s one of our weird conversations. 

Yes it’s her, Ceriz, I know it’s time for me to let go, but it’s hard. Since last Sunday I was thinking of her and also before browsing my timeline(on Facebook) I watched the video that I made for her, and after that I saw this conversation of ours. Christmas is near I know I need to be happy for her, but you know it’s hard because as it goes I can still feel her(I mean physically, it’s like she’s still alive). Okay too much for drama, I think right now I just need to be happy because she’s already with God. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH CERIZ!(even though it gets harder everyday) 

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