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Jul 09, 2011

Ceriz later I’ll go again to your wake, I’ll smile again remembering the times that you said “Sa harap na lang ako pupwesto para mapicturan ako ni Eena.”, then the other one “Eena parehas na tayo may braces, ang galing parehas ng color oh!”, and the thing that I will always remember and it keeps playing in my head “Eena picturan mo kami, next time gawin mo akong model mo ah!”. First I want to say sorry if I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of you, supposed to be this year, but you will sleep forever na. Up until now nga I’m still asking myself if I’m dreaming, and up until now I’m blinded by the truth that you’re the one I saw yesterday in the coffin, I said to myself nga yesterday “Ceriz gising ka naman para magising na din ako kasi hindi ko sure kung ikaw yan eh.”. Ang daya mo kasi pinapaiyak mo kami ng pinapaiyak, joke lang baka magalit ka, anyway nagagalit ka ba?! Hindi naman ata eh kasi lagi kang nakasmile, and you know I’m so happy for you because you’re there with Him, and don’t worry soon enough you’ll be my model. Basta don’t forget us ha! You’ll be forever in our hearts! I LOVE YOU! This is for you! I’ll give this to your family later. :) 

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