No Other Concert: World Tour!


This is my first concert for the year 2012(hoping for more just like last year)! It’s always fun to start your year with a concert, especially if you will witness a woman’s dream that totally came TRUE! 

Last night I witnessed a not so ordinary concert that we all usually watch, it is a concert where a person just became true to herself, and showed what she totally got! And yes it’s her, Anne Curtis-Smith a very beautiful girl inside and out! So here we go. 

The opening! The songs are “Only Girl(In The World)” + “We Found Love” by Rihanna.

Run the world!!!!!!

G-Force/Anne’s Angels that night. 

This is one of my favorite parts of the night! As in super! Well Jasmine(Anne’s sister) and Anne sung Katy Perry’s songs, and they did it great! Both of them were totally stunning last night. Next stop is the Manzano and Vhong show. 

              Anne’s friends!(From left to right) Solenn, Belle, Georgina, Karylle, Ryan and Jhong. 

The flying bed is next!

Anne said that her outfit there is inspired by Madonna, and you know what she sung here? It’s “Alone”! The song that made her famous, it’s so fun to hear her singing upside down:)))

The Vice Ganda part!:)

They’re both sexy!:) 

I don’t know what happened, but yes it’s RICO BLANCO(SHOCKS LANG! HAHA). 

Oh and yes the first part of the guitar part, Anne sung my favorite Alanis Morisette song, Ironic. And by that I can say that I totally love her!!! 

Anne and Sam’s duet of “Always Be My Baby”. 

Oh and yes I have to tell you all this. I touched the hands, for short me and Sam Milby had our hand shake last night(whatta description)! Since he went off the stage and I’m just sitting on my seat, when he came close to me my mind went blank and don’t know what to do, I never expected that feeling because I’m not a fan at all, but yeah HE’S SO HANDSOME, and his right hand is so cold. :)))

Guess who?

She’s not Anne! But she’s Christine! :)

That’s the “No Other Woman” segment. 

We’re near to the end!

Princess Anne

with Sarah Geronimo. 

And now we’re down to her 2 last songs. 

Someone Like You:) 

 And because she’s born that way, she will always be the best Annebisyosa ever!

And I’ll leave you all with this photo. 

She is the girl that cannot be compared to someone else, she may not be the best singer, but she is one of the best performers I ever saw. Good luck Anne Curtis and I love you so much!!! 


You don’t have to love me for what I am, but you need to love me for what I’m not.

— Anne Curtis(When Love Begins)
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