First Year of President Noynoy Aquino


Ngayon ay magfifilipino muli ako dahil alam ko na ang pangunahing magbabasa nito ay isang Pinoy!(But if you want to translate it in English, go use the Google translator for you to understand.) Una nagsasalita ako bilang citizen ng Pilipinas, hindi bilang pro-Noynoy o kaya anti-Noynoy. Sa speech na ibinahagi ng president ay talaga naman makikita mo ang magagandang points at ang mga hindi naman talaga kanais-nais, katulad na nga lamang nung pagpoint out niya ng mga nagawa niyang pabahay and everything, ang hindi lang maganda dun nay wala siyang sapat na ebidensya(evidence) na pinakita na nangyari nga ang mga bagay na yun. At isa pang pinaka hindi maganda sa kanyang speech ay ang masyado niyang pagbanat o paninira sa administrasyong Arroyo, na siya mismo wala pa naman masyadong napapatunayan sa kanyang administrasyon, pati na rin para iyong sign ng pagiging unprofessional ng ating presidente. Pero kahit ganun ako ay umaasa pa rin na sa mga dadaan na panahon ay talagang uunlad pa ang Pilipinas! 

May sunod pa rin ako na pinaka problema na nakita ko ngayong araw na ito. Nakikinig ako ng radyo yung segment nila Vic Lima at Karen Davila sa DZMM, may ininterview sila na congressman na talaga namang madaming paninirang ginawa sa ating presidente, at sa ganun ay may isa lang naman akong tanong… IKAW MAY GINAWA KA NA BA PARA SA PILIPINAS? Wala pa naman din ah, halos lahat tayo wala pang nagagawa para mabago ang Pilipinas, kaya wag tayo magsasabi na walang pag-asa, pano hindi mawawalan ng pag-asa eh kung tayo mismo walang ginagawa, at talaga namang hindi kumikilos. Oo bata pa lang ako, at talagang maari niyo pang sabihin na madami pa akong hindi naiintindihan sa mundong ito, pero kahit ganun ay alam ko at alam niyo na alam ko na din kung ano ang tama at mali. Sana lang talaga ay kumilos tayong lahat para umunlad yung bansa natin! Isa lang naman ang sagot sa lahat ng katanungan niyo eh MAGPRAY LANG KAYO KAY GOD, dahil siya lang ang tunay na pag-asa ng lahat, at siyempre kailangan nating KUMILOS para sa bansa, eh sino pa naman ba ang unang magmamahal sa bansa, siyempre tayo rin kasi tayo ang pangunahing nakatira dito. Sana nagets niyo. 

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This day the class was simply suspended. Seriously I want to go to school today, first because we will have a mini photoshoot for our Creative Arts’ output, then next I studied for English. Oh well anyway I still love my day. 

Here’s my first addiction this day, I actually listened to all Avril Lavigne’s songs! I just miss her, and I took this photo because “Don’t Tell Me” is one of my favorite songs. 

Next stop! My soon to be one of my favorite books. Oh well it’s a long story why I loved the book, but seriously the story is great(even though I’m still at the first part). And I will share this quote that I got, the bishop said to Jean, “You have left a place suffering. But listen, there will be more joy in heaven over the tears of a repentant sinner than over the white robes of a hundred good men. If you are leaving that sorrowful place with hate and anger against men, you are worthy of compassion; if you leave it with goodwill, gentleness, and peace, you are better than any of us.”

Later I’ll post again another entry regarding to being happy even though with the weather right now. :) 

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Sunday Blog 02


It’s a very, very, very great day today because it’s father’s day! Happy father’s day to all dads out there, and to my very great dad too! Oh well I will not post any photo of us because we don’t have any recent photograph together haha! Anyway I’ll tell you my journey yesterday. :) 

JASON MAGBANUA! OH MY GOSH MY FAVORITE EVENT FILMMAKER  OF ALL TIME! Yesterday he is the guest speaker of the Ayala Museum Design Talk. I really love design talks seriously, first because it always inspire me, and next is I got a chance to meet and see my favorite photographers, filmmakers, painters etc. And in all I know I don’t have a something in terms of film, but still his talk is really connected with what I want in life, as you all know I really want to be a wedding photographer, and since then he’s my #1 inspiration in terms of wedding stuff. Yet the best part of the talk is he’s so great and never fail to inspire all of us! Visit his works at http://www.jasonmagbanua.com/ I tell you, you will feel a lot of emotions in every videos that he did. 

Then I also got this from the giveaways from Power Mac Center! And the statement of the sticker says it all! :)

And this photo is simply full of story, I actually took this yesterday on our way to Bulacan, then… You’re the one to judge it. Let’s pray for them.

I forgot her name, but I met her yesterday she’s the daughter of my mom’s HS friend. Oh well her face is angelic isn’t it? :)

That’s it have a nice day everyone, and always pray for everyone around you okay?:) GOD BLESS!


Sunday Blog 01


I will blog every Sunday, starting now! As in full text haha! Anyway my topic today is about the courses that I will apply for college. Yes I know I’m so excited to take those exams, especially the UPCAT and ACET, and seriously I’m not nervous. So here you go a lot of people are asking me what course I will take for college, and some people say that I need to take photography as my course. But NO! Para saan pa yung photography workshops/classes na tinake ko if I will take photography again?! And I believe that in photography you really don’t need some of the rules all because at the end of the day you will use your own style and break some rules. :) 

Here are the courses that I will apply for college.

UP: Diliman

1. BS Social Work- Yeah supposed to be my 1st choice is Business Management, but since it’s in UPEP I searched for a better course that I can take in UP-D, because I really want my 2nd choice. And of course since I love people, I also love this course. :)

2. BA Art Studies- Yes I LOVE THIS COURSE! Not just because it’s about Arts, but it’s also a mixture of the history and entrepreneur side of Arts.

:Los Baños

1. BA Communication Arts- First because in UP you need to choose a 2nd choice of campus, so I chose UPLB. And there you go this course because it can help me in a lot of stuff! 

2. BS Agribusiness Management- Seems weird, because I know a lot of you don’t know this course, and me myself I also don’t know why I chose this course. Maybe because Agriculture Business is really a great business here in the Philippines. 


1. Minor in International Business- No need for further explanation, I just want it, but not totally want HAHA WEIRD!

2. BFA Art Management- I always put my favorite course for my 2nd choice, so that if ever I don’t pass and I can still have a slot I can go to my preferred course(I hope you know what I mean.). And besides this is the version of Ateneo of BA Art Studies in UP:)

3. BA Major in Interdisciplinary Studies- The thing I want in this course is it’s about a lot of stuff haha! 

4. I still don’t have any 4th choice, but maybe I’ll also go for Communication Arts(not sure). Anyway I will share this before(way back when I was a 1st year student). I really want to take-up BFA Info Design in Ateneo, seriously. But because there are a lot of blocks already, and the course is really famous I don’t want to take it na. HAHA!

So there you go it’s just 2 schools, but most probably it’s just the same for the other schools. Oh whatever, so just pray for me to pass all the entrance examinations that I will take this coming months. And God bless you all! 

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ZLL! :(


Alam niyo yung feeling na wala ng ZLL WALA NA! As in ilang days na since last week nasa utak ko yun! GOSH YUN NA NGA LANG YUNG PINAKAREST DAY NAMING LAHAT(ay di ko sure kung kaming lahat basta ako yun na lang yung rest day ko)! Ay grabe I really don’t know what to say how am I going to react kasi kahit gawin niyong up until 4:30pm lang ang class hours WALA PA RIN AS IN WALA PA RIN, eh kung yung everyday 4:30pm then everyday STRESSED OUT ka naman wala din diba?! Ay nako sorry if masyado akong affected haha! Naawa din ako sa mg incoming freshies because di nila naabutan ang ZLL, yung may time na whole day lahat ng year may class then kayo because ZLL niyo pwede kayo magpractice the whole day for intrams haha! Oh well sorry my thoughts are not organized. 

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Hello Last Week of October


The last days of my October this year will really be a weird busy stuff! And I want to share my schedule lol!

October 23(Saturday)- The party for a cause of LCS(My elementary school).

October 28(Thursday)- High School Night! And I still didn’t buy a dress for the said event, but I already have the style that I will buy in my mind.

October 30(Saturday)- The most awaited LEEBERATION Day of Philippine Fashion Week. And there I’ll take photos again.

October 31(Sunday)- We’ll go to Quezon Province.

And that’s how I love my BUSY FINAL WEEK OF OCTOBER 2010.

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It’s Final


Swimming really became or played a big role in my HS life and I hate to say this, but I made up my mind that I will not be a part of the varsity team anymore. I don’t know if I’ll be happy or not, but ask me why I came up with giving up swimming well I’ll say it as honest as I can. I know I’m good in managing my time, but now I can say I can’t being with the “Young Photographers Club”, with a low grade in Chemistry and being busy all the time for some reasons that I need to be. IT’S HARD! And the last thing I think I can be free for a while is to give up swimming, since we still pay for our training and we’re still like a “Swim Team” not a varsity member. Well in all being a part of it is really a big thing for me since I want to be a varsity member when I go to college, but I think I will really prioritize my photography stuff. I know I’m so weird and magulo, but I think if you’re in my case you’ll understand everything that I’m saying right now. In all "Buti sana kung may kahit kaunting incentives eh!". That’s what I’m always saying, because we also don’t have any scholarship, oh whatever! Anyway I’ll be part of the swim team naman, but not part of the varsity anymore and it’s final.

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The Little Girl


Czareena Macaspac is the real name, but she is more known as Eena. She is a peculiar kid with a lot of dreams in her mind. However, Eena may also become a normal person by participating in the greatest journey of life, even though she just scream, talk, and talk a lot.

In her current life, Eena is an Arts Management student of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. She also spends most of her life fangirling about books, theatre plays/musical plays, music (more on music add more music), concerts, and a whole lot more. Eena is also a freelance photographer, and as part of her milestone she had her own exhibit at the age of 18, entitled "Her Own Wonderwanderland".

Eena basically loves life a lot, and she will always be one of those who spreads happiness in this world.


1. Because I was fascinated with “Alice In Wonderland”. 

2. Because I’m Eena who lives in a real wonderland, but no one appreciates it a lot, so right now I just want to share to everyone that life is always good and God will help us all the way! 

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Oh C’mon Kill Me For A Day


Quizzes, homeworks, projects etc! That’s our life in Seton, you’re like a college student with a mixture of the office hours/time. Yeah it’s true we’re or I’m super stressed already plus I’m also stressed out with our varsity works and now another activity was added up and it’s all about our product for TLE! Yeah I hate it so much as in super hate because we’re already cramming, I know it’s also our fault but whatever. All I can say now is I really just want to have a rest for a day or for a week and all I will think is how can I live peacefully on that day. So God bless everyone!

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