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May 06, 2012

Heima Design Discussion 3

For the past weeks of Heima they opened 2 back to back exhibits, the first one is the “Hello Sailor” exhibit in Cubao-X, a collaboration exhibit of Soleil Ignacio and Tokwa Peñaflorida. Then for the next exhibit, “Southern Stories” is again a collaboration exhibit of Aleyn Comprendio and Charles Buenconsejo which I went to last week(here). And yesterday together with all the artists and another extra artists, Heima had their 3rd Design Discussion. Also that night they released their 5th collection/their summer collection.This design discussion is partly different from the seminars I attended to, and the fun part there is this design discussion is actually an informal seminar, which is good for young people/aspiring artists like me. One more good thing about yesterday is their background or whatever you call it.The cool thing about that is it’s like a ribbon around it, but those cute things around the “Heima DD3” text are neon papers. How cool is that right? People in Heima are truly artistic! :)

Let’s now move on to the discussion proper.The first speaker is Soleil Ignacio. I tell you her works are really great, well I first knew and heard her name because of the Keds shoes exhibit, and it’s my first time to see her yesterday. And yesterday I truly became a fan of her because of this…she did my favorite Yoko Ono illustration!:) And look at this! This could be a cover of ELLE MAGAZINE!

Before the other half of the “Hello Sailor” team is the business manager(am I right) of Brushstrokes Creatives.

Next speaker is the other half of “Hello Sailor”, Tokwa Peñaflorida! Which also happened to be a Caviteño. :) This guy is not a normal illustrator, because he is really versatile especially in terms of capturing the eyes of the children.He also showed us the video of how he illustrated one of his artworks, and this video really entertained me. :)

So after his talk they had an open forum which they will answer the same questions at the same time, since Soleil and Tokwa already collaborated a lot of times.So if you haven’t seen their exhibit yet, better go to Heima Cubao-X and you’ll see their awesome artworks!

The next topic is all about photography! Which I’m truly waiting for, so the first one to speak is Charles Buenconsejo.As I expected he is really a cool guy! His style is also cool and his presentation is really good , first is because it is full of quotable quotes that will inspire you, like this one…"The inner and outer world share a similar landscape." And his presentation is in its timeline arrangement, which is really good. I felt the real photographer inside me as he talked about his life.

Then finally my favorite Aleyn Comprendio with her very inspiring discussion. And the last discussion I’ve heard that day because…I will discuss it a little later.Her story is really different from everyone there. First is because she didn’t have an artistic background, and next one is she is a purely self-taught photographer. Her story inspired me, just because of this thing, she did her best to be the best, and she created her name in the industry where she truly belong with her uniqueness. And just like Charles’ presentation I also got a good quote from her.LIFE IS AWESOME!

Since yes that just like what I said earlier Aleyn was the last speaker I listened to, because I already have to go already, just to get my eyeglasses with me and go home, which is the sad part of this entry. :( Anyway of course I never stopped myself even though I only got a few minutes to roam around I still went to the Heima Store and the booth of Coast Thru Life(sad I already left when they talked).The collaborative painting of Soleil Ignacio and Tokwa Peñaflorida for the “Hello Sailor” exhibit.Keds’ shoes everywhere. :) The Coast Thru Life booth.

Yes! That’s it and I’m really looking forward for the next Heima Design Discussion, and to everyone visit Heima Store in LRI Makati or Cubao-X for their new collection. Have a nice week to everyone!

Apr 29, 2012

Southern Stories

imageFilm photographers never failed to impress me. Also because of this photo exhibit my respect for them got bigger and bigger! 

"Southern Stories" is a collaboration exhibit of Aleyn Comprendio(for “We’d Seen Each Other in a Dream”) and Charles Buenconsejo(for Sun, Sea and Sky).imageThen before some mini-stories from last night here are some photographs of their photographs. :) imageimageby Aleyn Comprendio imageby Charles Buenconsejo

Here are my favorites and totally caught my attention! :)imageimageimage

This photo exhibit is indeed one of the best photo exhibits that I’ve been to, because the artworks are really great pieces of art that everyone must see! And something good about their photographs, is every photograph has special meaning that will really catch your attention. imageI will now introduce you to one of my favorite photographers, Aleyn Comprendio, and the reason why I went to this exhibit. I’m a big fan of her blog since last year, because she’s this woman who can capture good photographs and make it look like it’s out of this world! One more thing that I truly loved about her is that when I talked to her yesterday, she is this very friendly woman who is willing to share her knowledge to everyone. Thank you so much Ms. Aleyn!

imageimageimageThe Walkie Talkies also performed! I’ve been hearing a lot of good stuff about them since then, but this is my first time to watch them live! And I guarantee you guys they’re the best! Then also the new duo House of Hamsters also sung last night, and their first song is my favorite song right now. :)imageSo glad they sung it.

Now remember this post, Where that post is all about the first time I went to a Jason Magbanua talk, and the time that I didn’t get the chance to have a photo with him? haha! Well look who I found yesterday…imageThe time he entered the store I felt like it was my first time to see him, and of course I was starstrucked again! And because of that I had this!imageOf course I never missed the chance already, because after how many years of “fangirling” I had a photo with THE JASON MAGBANUA already!!! Never expected for this. I hope I may invite him with my photo exhibit too(which will be next year, and that will be my debut, but photo exhibit not the normal debut with weird party haha!). 

And of course Heima is one good venue for everything, I will not let my night finish without taking photos of their cute and cool stuff. Also here are also the other photographs.imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

Another fun thing last night was that I’m with my bestie, and I missed her so much!imageILY JAM!

Now I’ll leave you all with this photograph.imageTruly one of the bests! Have a great week everyone! 

Nov 30, 2011

A Whole New Birthday Celebration

This day is simply AMAZING! I know I’m, 1 year older again(which sucks(but no it doesn’t because it’s a blessing)), and this day I didn’t expect that I’ll work or have a photoshoot with someone! First thanks to Heima Store, especially to Ms. Meysil, for accomodating us a while ago. And one more thing about this day, it is my first time to work on my day instead of resting, it is my first time to spend it with a number of friends only, because I usually spend my day with a lot of friends and relatives, or sometimes I only spend it with my family. Anyway this day Rahj had a photoshoot that he will use for our Intramural 2012! That is why I will not let you see the photos first, but instead I’ll just post the photos that we’re all into! 

Yes we do love our names so much!

Okay that’s it for now! Maybe I’ll post some photos of Rahj soon enough after 2011(I think?) Anyway I’ll leave you with this photo. 

This is the weirdest-EST-EST photo! Actually Rahj said that it’s a “superhero pose”, but anyway whatever! I just want to say thanks a lot to Pearl and Rahj who spent their day with my day! Yeah and thanks a lot to all the people who greeted me and will greet me, and I just want to thank God for giving me another year today! :) Have a great December everyone!

Nov 27, 2011

Backyard of the Universe + Heima for the Holiday


Fun, another fun, more fun! We may be the youngest at the said event yesterday, but yes we really enjoyed everything there! Remember my post before about the 1st solo exhibit of the great, Valerie Chua, here. Well this is the part 2 of her exhibit, her other launch night, together with the launch night of the Heima for the Holiday

So last night I’m with my friends, Sadel and Joanna, and since we waited for the party in a few minutes, we just decided to roam around the store. And saw this cute stuff! 


I just hope my mom will buy me the camera lampshade for my day! Well go and visit Heima for more cute stuff for your home.:)

Then now let’s go to the paintings itself! Me and my friends had our own favorites, we just wish we can have those(lol!). imageimage

My favorite! The Alice in Wonderland inspired painting. 

image Joanna’s favorite!image

Sadel’s choice. :) 

Our night won’t be complete without the beautiful, Ate Valerie(we’re so small!except for Sadel:)) and also for our photos in Heima! She’s so awesome and great and everything! imageimageimageimage

I wore dress because Sadel forced me to!

As the night gets nearer to the end artists started to draw/doodle on the glass of Heima. And thank God, because Joanna is with us so she drew something too! imageimageimageimageimageimage

That’s it! I will leave you all with this photo! image

Go to Heima, buy some furniture and stop for a while and look at the paintings and buy some too. And in all congratulations to Ate Valerie and to Heima, for having this successful event! Have a nice week everyone!:)