Dear How I Met Your Mother


imageIt’s my first time in months to cry once more while watching an entire show, and it’s my first time in my life to constantly crying every now and then (yeah maybe you’ll say I'm overreacting or I’m overacting, but no), yeah, I slept because a friend of mine told me to sleep because we’re both crying, so I slept and now I woke up, then a flashback hit me, and it is when Barney’s carrying her daughter Ellie (and now I’m crying again so forgive me if I’ll have grammatical errors here, the reason is I'm crying while typing, and my emotions are overriding the proper condition of my mind).

Moving on, the last time I made a blog entry of a finale is the time when Make It Or Break It ended, but I just stated the reasons why I love them, so now I’ll make a letter for How I Met Your Mother, just for fun (and for more tears to shed). 

Before this one starts: It’s a long one so you’ll either leave or continue.

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