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Jun 03, 2012

First 2 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Weeks In CSB

High school for me right now is like an alcoholic liquor or a beer for a drunk person, because I still got a lot of hangovers with it. Also right now I already entered in my life’s new kind of adventure(even though the rules and a lot of everything in CSB is like Seton), that’s why don’t hate your school if your first day will be on June 4, or 6 or any day of this week, because us we already had our first day last May 21!:)) 

Now moving on my first day in college was kind of weird, because I never thought that our block will really be a big happy family. First factor is because we are a mixed block, meaning we got 3 courses in our block, first is of course my course, Arts Management, the other one is Digital Filmmaking and the other one is the Dance Major. And if I will tell you my whole first day it will take ages! Because I got a lot of firsts that day, but all I know is I’m exhausted yet happy because of some weird reasons. Then another fact in our block we also have our irregular blockmates, 2 of them are music production people and the other one is an athlete. So before moving on here are some photos of my blockmates/our block.

Then in terms of our professors well yeah most of them I think are fun to be with inside the class, especially they’re “chiiiill.” okay nevermind. About our school of course it’s really beautiful in SDA, I mean the everything haha! For our 2nd week I think we became closer, and I knew a lot of things, like I crossed the streets of Taft alone(which is not safe, but I did my best for it), then I’ll just add this up, for my first Saturday in school we already had our first free-cut/cutting because our professor didn’t arrive, next is I got a lot of reasons to be happy with my block, because they’re really fun to be with and finally I knew that a lot of them are vain, so yeah hi FFM2!And now I’ll introduce my friends since the orientation.From your left to right: Rodz, Jean and Jam. :) 

Right now all I can say is I know I will still gain more knowledge weird experiences and weird life in college, but I think right now I must enjoy everything about it first, especially we only got 2 terms to be a block section. That’s why I will also leave you right now with a video(and a clip/only a photo of our block) from some MMA students/the Call Me Maybe: Benilde Version(if the video is not visible just visit this link,! Just find me.:))

#ItsMoreFunInBenilde (totally fun!)

Photos are from: Megan Chan and Jean Abordo