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Oct 31, 2011

Goodbye October 2011!

October is always one of the busiest months of my year, but it is also one of the best months of my year! Anyway last week was awesome and very tiring + this Sunday, yet I thank God because today is my rest day. Well I will start this blog entry with my adventure last Monday and Tuesday.

Last Monday and Tuesday was our journalism seminar with the “Write Tool” people, and I can say that their residence speaker, Mr. Ruben Velarde, is truly awesome! So maybe you’re also thinking right now why I am a part of that seminar, well our English teacher chose me because of photography, but I didn’t learn something new about photojournalism maybe because I studied photography for almost 3 years, and the speaker, Mr. Aldrich Lim, just shared the basics of it. But yes Mr. Aldrich Lim is also awesome especially his landscape shots, so visit his site here, 

I’ll start with this photo, well this is supposed to be my entry for photojournalism, our theme is “Seton Life”, so if you’re a Setonian I think you got the message of this photo. And to all people out there let’s admit it there’s always a part of our lives that we don’t contribute to the energy conservation campaign of this world! 

Then after that we head back to the “Audio Visual Room” of our school and did some weird stuffs. 

Me and my pre school graduation photo. 

My vain batch mates who love the photobooth application of MacBook!

They call it weird, I call it “No other women.”(Hi Ojano!)

Oh yes and finally these photos with my batch mates, and the other one is the recognition part! Yeah I actually did not expect that I will be a part of the “highly recognized” person for News Writing, because I have to admit it I hate our topic. 

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Oct 15, 2010

Hello Last Week of October

The last days of my October this year will really be a weird busy stuff! And I want to share my schedule lol!

October 23(Saturday)- The party for a cause of LCS(My elementary school).

October 28(Thursday)- High School Night! And I still didn’t buy a dress for the said event, but I already have the style that I will buy in my mind.

October 30(Saturday)- The most awaited LEEBERATION Day of Philippine Fashion Week. And there I’ll take photos again.

October 31(Sunday)- We’ll go to Quezon Province.

And that’s how I love my BUSY FINAL WEEK OF OCTOBER 2010.

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